My Grandmother Told Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman

Elsa is an unusual 7 year old. People say she acts much more older than her age. Her grandmother is 77 years old. People also say her grandma acts a lot younger. Elsa loved her grandmother, and her grandmother loved telling her bedtime stories. When Elsa’s grandmother sends her on a treasure hunt, it is clear that Elsa is discover a whole new story that isn’t just for bedtime. “But every fairy tale has to have a dragon,” and Elsa has to face her’s at the end of this story. 

I usually love going to bookstores to run my fingers across good books that I’ve already read, sharing knowing glances with strangers who are also touching old favorites, and smell out good books (you can always tell which is going to be your next obsession by smelling the pages of the book). But confession: I bought this book online just because I didn’t have any books to read. Frozen: For The First Time in Foreverrrr~

I saw it on my recommend list on Goodreads and decided that it looked interesting. Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of plunges into the unknown with all the modern fiction and romance fiction I’ve been picking up. 

This book was one of the best books I’ve read this year because it was just about the most original book I have ever read. It’s a strange mix of Fantasy, Mystery, Contemporary, Family, and a whole lotta other stuff, but the author makes it work so well it’s like a s’more. 

The writing was absolutely phenomenal, and how the plot unravels itself it absolutely incredible. I loved the main character Elsa-she was obsessed with Harry Potter and superheroes (and only 7 years old) Like how do you not love that?!

 She reminded me of me when I was her age, because my elementary school teachers disliked me for being such a bookie. Every week on “Library Day” when we went to the library to check out our “Book of the Week”, I would have no books to check out since I had already read everything in the kids section.

I’ve been called a nerd by my teachers. One of my elementary teachers got in trouble for actually calling me a “bookaholic” and making me cry (I didn’t know what that meant but I knew what alcoholic meant).  

This book was the first hardcover book I bought and highlighted. Yes, blasphemous I know. I highlighted in a book! But seriously, this book was so choc full of eloquent sentences, meaningful metaphors for life, and other deep stuff like that.

For example, I highlighted, “Every seven-year-old deserves a superhero.” This quote chokes me up every time, because *spoiler alert* the grandmother turns out not to be so super. 

The repetition of key phrases that run throughout the whole story is beautiful. And the unexpected way the fairy tales intersect with the grandmother’s real life is amazing. 

I recommend this book so hard. My face is usually stone still whenever I read, and some people are like, “Annabel. Annabel. Annabel. Stop staring. You look like a zombie,” but this book. Gosh this book. 

I laughed (fuse box), cried, and gasped  all throughout this book. There’s no one scene that felt unnecessary or a drag. The author is ingenious, and the Land-of-Almost-Awake is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard in my life. 

This was the kind of book where I finish it in shock stillness, feeling like I’ve just lost a dear friend, and then mouth agape wonder, “How on earth did some other human being actually come out with an idea of this sort?” 

To Elsa’s much beloved grandmother:

I give this book 5 STARS.

Review by Annabel Lee

~Thank you so much for taking your PRECIOUS PRECIOUS time to read a mere human being’s opinions. I love you! I love you! Please show some love back by commenting!


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